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Tamil Actress Vijayalaxmi Attempts Suicide, Admitted To Hospital

Chennai: Vijayalaxmi, a Tamil actress attempted suicide, on Sunday after claiming that she was harassed by the followers of Naam Thamizhar party leader Seeman and Panankattu Padai’s Hari Nadar.

Vijayalaxmi took to her social media handles and revealed in a video that she was harassed by the followers of Seeman and Hari Nadar over the difference of opinions.

On Sunday, through her Facebook account, Vijiyalaxmi posted a video claiming that she overdosed blood pressure pills that will lead to death. She also mentioned that social media abuse and bullying by the followers of Seeman and Hari Nadar is the primary reason that drove her to this extreme step.

“This is my last video. I have been under extreme stress in the last four months because of Seeman and his party men. I tried my best to survive for my family. I have been humiliated by Hari Nadar in the media. I have consumed BP tablets. In some time my BP will be low and I will be dead,” she said in the video.

The actress added that this act should rush the blood of her followers and fans not to let Seeman and Hari Nadar run away.

Currently, Vijayalakshmi is admitted to a private hospital in Chennai, undergoing her treatment.

Seeman is a political leader of the Naam Tamilar Katchi, a Tamil Nadu nationalist party. Hari Nadar, from the Panankattu Padai party, on the other hand, had contested elections at the Nanguneri Assembly by-elections last year in October and had suffered a loss.

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