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CEOs Of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google Asked To Appear For Investigation

New York: The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the world’s four largest tech-companies were asked to present themselves in front of the House Judiciary Committee of the US Congress on Wednesday.

The four companies and their CEOs are Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook and lastly, CEO of Google-parent Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai were asked to be present before the 13-member sub-committee.

The CEOs will be questioned upon Antitrust, Administrative Law and Commercial law varying from their market power and to what extent they reach holding up their power.

It is said that this hearing will be the most powerful antitrust hearing in decades. This could have a large effect on the four tech giant heads and their companies.

Also, the hearing is also said to be just a small part of the various efforts on behalf of the states and the federal government as well. The states and the government will recognise if the tech giants have really gone too far to benefit their consumers and hampered fair competition in the market.

The hearing will bring the world’s largest tech giants together into one room at the same time. While the reasons to be called to the committee are different from one another. There is also not much of overlapping of allegations between the companies.

Allegations such as user data privacy, wrongly using their power and the part of these companies in influencing political outcomes are made by the sub-committee.

The CEOs of the four companies will be present during the meeting virtually. The legislators have also asked the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey to be present during the hearing.

The reason behind inviting Dorsey is to spread light upon the widespread hack which happened on Twitter on July 15. This incident revealed the poor security breaches of the site.

Google will be questioned upon its monopoly advertisement and search market. While Amazon will be investigated about selling its own brands ahead of its third-party sellers. Apple will be asked for the claims that it gives special treatments to its own apps over third party apps in the app store. And lastly, Facebook will be questioned for its mergers with Whatsapp, Instagram and Giphy in recent years.

It is said that the hearing will take place in Washington DC’s Rayburn House Office Building. It will also be live-streamed on the Committee’s Youtube channel.

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