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Mamata not to participate in Modi’s oath ceremony

Things getting tougher for Ms Banerjee as prominent TMC leaders, including Monirul Islam, find shelter in BJP

The cold fight between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is still on and it promises to linger till BJP takes over West Bengal through a democratic process. Despite confirming that she would be present during NDA 2.0 oath-taking ceremony in the capital on Thursday, Ms Banerjee did a summersault on Wednesday and would not be travelling to Delhi for the ceremony.

Apparently, BJP’s call to invite families of 50 BJP workers who dies in last few years in West Bengal for political violence, irked the Chief Minister. “There have been no political murders in the state,” Ms Banerjee told the media to everyone’s surprise. The families of the deceased, designated as “Special Invitees” are staying in Delhi and being taken care of by the saffron party, according to sources.

The BJP arrived at the decision following a five-hour long meeting between Prime Minister Modi and BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday. “A list of special invitees is ready and will soon be given to the Rashtrapati Bhavan,” sources were quoted as saying by NDTV.

Bengal alters mindset; Maa Mati Manush in jeopardy

According to BJP leaders in West Bengal, BJP workers were killed during the Panchayat and Local body polls in the state in the last years. They alleged that all these murders were committed by the Trinamool supporters to cling ton to power.

By doing this, BJP leaders are trying to spread a message in West Bengal that the party takes care of people who lost their lives fighting for the saffron brigade. Keeping an eye on the Assembly polls, slated for 2021, BJP seems to be hurry to get hold of the power sooner than later.

Sabyasachi Dutta too?

Meanwhile, the exodus from the Trinamool Congress gained momentum on Wednesday. Once a Trinamool strongman Monirul Islam also switched allegiance to BJP along with several councillors and MLAs. Few more big names are lined up though no confirmation came till this report was filed. Rumour mills are abuzz that Bidhannagar Mayor Sabyasachi Dutta was also on his way to the saffron brigade. Without naming anybody, Dutta tore apart his bête noire TMC leader and minister Sujit Bose and the party supremo Mamata Banerjee in a press conference.

It may be recalled that Dutta was severely criticised by the party top brass when news of hosting TMC defector and BJP leader Mukul Roy’s visit to his house past midnight months ago. Grapevine also suggests that actress Moonmoon Sen, who was seen sharing post along with BJP’s Jadavpur candidate Dr Anupam Hazra, may also tilt towards BJP, though there’s no confirmation as yet.


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