Modi pledges to devote win to people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that he promises to pledge, “every moment” of his time and “every fibre” of himself towards the people of India, adding that the nation now would have two castes- the poorer sections of the society and the ones who want to get rid of it.

Marking BJP’s victory for the second consecutive term, Modi, while addressing the people at the party headquarters on Thursday, said that this win was actually for the people who wanted an ‘honest’ system.

“People are chanting Modi, Modi. But this is not a victory of Modi, it is the victory of people who are desperate for honesty in the system,” he said.

“This is the victory of toiling farmers who struggle to feed the nation, this is the victory of those who now live in proper houses, this is the victory of the middle class which follows the rules, pays taxes, but wondered if his taxes were being used for the benefit of the country,” he added.

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